Terms & Conditions

Children must remain accompanied and under the supervision of their guardian at all times.

We only use reputable suppliers and take your health and safety very seriously, however,  our activities are undertaken at your own risk.

We do provide protective clothing and every effort is made to protect clothing and shoes but unfortunately cannot guarantee that clothing/shoes  will not become stained/damaged . It is recommended that you wear suitable clothing for a farm and arts and craft environment as we are unable to take responsibility for damaged clothing.

Some activities involve food items, it is your responsibility to bring to our attention any known allergies so that we can take precautionary measures. Ingredients list for food items is available.

Please be aware that you (the supervising adult) are responsible for the craft/art pieces that your child/children produce(s) at all times. Please ensure that you do not allow unsupervised play of the pieces produced or allow younger children to access them as they present as a potential hazard due to the materials used (for example - buttons/beads/sequins could present as a choking hazard for a child) .

Available spaces are offered on a strictly first come first served basis.

Refunds are strictly at the digression of the Manager.

In the event that Squiggle Sense has to cancel a session due to unforeseen circumstances a full refund will be offered. We will do our best to inform you of the cancellation as soon as possible but are unable to reimburse you for travel costs should you arrive.

If you are unable to attend a pre-booked session we will, where possible, endeavour to rearrange the session for a mutually convenient time.

Opening hours are subject to change and you are advised to check our website/social media accounts before attending to ensure we are open as any changes will be posted as soon as they are known. We reserve the right to close early if there are no confirmed bookings for the last session of the day.

Squiggle Sense reserve the right to ask you to leave, without refund, at any time should this be deemed necessary. We will not tolerate aggressive behaviour or foul language under any circumstances and look to maintain a happy, safe and calm environment at all times. Children will be expected to follow any rules set by the session leader to maintain the health, safety and enjoyment of everyone.

The car park is used at your own risk and Squiggle Sense is not responsible for any accidents that occur while you are on the farm grounds

Photographing of children within the Squiggle Sense studio is prohibited without written permission from the Manager.